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WE MUST HOLD ON video is out now! (AP010)

Actualizado: 31 mar 2022

AP010 has launched on April 1st 2022 an inmersive video from the track "WE MUST HOLD ON". WE MUST HOLD ON is a video clip produced by FRAGATA FILMS, an emerging production house made up of Mexican women. The project is directed by Fernanda Labastida and photographed by Salma Millan. The video clip unfolds in three different narrative lines, that of a bored boy in his room, two agents waiting for a call, an Alien that walks through corridors and thoughts, and the main character AP010 that finally intertwines with the boy's story. through a dance. Personally, as a director, I have a particular taste for electronic music and I think there is not such a diverse visual search for video clips of this genre in Mexico, so it was very exciting to have the freedom to create a narrative for a song like WE MUST HOLD ON. . The process was very similar to making a short film, I wrote a small script with characters and images that the song evoked me, the set was a house from the 50's located in Mexico City that was totally empty so the work of Natalia Aguilera as art director was essential to build the atmospheres of the video, each room was designed from scratch. It was very important to us to make a video that avoided a classical or linear narrative and had a cinematic aesthetic. The challenge was how to tell a story of space and time with the elements we had? And we had the opportunity to play with that idea, through photography, animation by Richard Ramirez, costumes designed and manufactured by Valeria Fraschetti and Filosa, characters like AP010 and the boy played by Jorge Briseño Montero, the agents played by Honoka Noguchi and Maria Martinez, the alien played by Valeria Fraschetti and of course the rest of the production and post-production team made up of Lucia Toledo (Production), Dahet Castro (Production), Karla Condado (Photo Assistant), Leon Boltvinik (Gaffer), Aranza Garcia (Makeup Artist), Victor Valdez (Swing), Israel Gutierrez (Swing) and Patricio Callejo (Post-producer) who was very committed to the making of this little story.

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